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| May 15, 2018
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Contact: Stacy Hefty

Credent Wealth Management
112 East 7th Street
Auburn, IN 46706
Phone: 260-927-1830


Leading Indiana and Michigan financial firms join forces for the future.

Hefty Wealth Partners and Oak Point Wealth Management announce the completion of their successful merger, and are excited to reveal the new company name: Credent Wealth Management. The core of the new company name, “Credent” means giving credence, confiding, credible, and/or a belief as to the truth. This new brand reinforces their commitment to ‘the truth’ and the importance of authentic leadership within their industry.

Credent Wealth Management believes that financial freedom changes lives.  This essential belief drives the Credent Wealth Management team every day, and how they service their clients. This belief is the root of their six (6) core belief statements they pride themselves in and operate by. These include:

  • We believe all Americans should have access to independent and affordable advice.
  • We believe the American Dream is alive and well.
  • We believe in setting financial goals, developing a written plan, and working with a partner toward those goals.
  • We believe that all investment strategies work some of the time and that no investment strategy works all of the time.
  • We believe our fiduciary obligation is to our client and NOT Wall Street.
  • We believe in the power of partnership.

With this merger, Credent Wealth Management has a larger, more diverse team. Their leadership group has also grown to four founding partners: David and Stacy Hefty, John Knowlton, and Dennis Kehoe.

"As we evolve and strive towards continual improvement, we have come together to better position our team and our clients for the future. As Walt Disney famously said, ‘Progress is impossible without change.’”  David Hefty, CEO & Wealth Partner

Credent Wealth Management offers a wide range of services for their client that speak to their holistic approach to financial freedom. A few of their core competencies include:

  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset & Investment Management
  • Risk Management
  • Charitable Giving

For more information or to contact a Trusted Advisor, visit:


About Credent Wealth Management

Credent Wealth Management offers comprehensive financial services. Credent Wealth Management differentiates themselves through their team of exemplary professionals who are passionate about the work they do and they carry over 150 years of combined financial experience and their committed to the customer experience by providing their clients with a service model that directly meets their financial needs while ensuring the delivery of an exceptional client experience tailored specifically for them. Credent Wealth Management is a partner of CX Institutional.


About CX Institutional

CX Institutional is a leading investment management firm. The CX Institutional Partnership complements Credent Wealth Management’s core beliefs, with a focus on the ‘Customer eXperience,’ and the focus on striving to match their service levels to their customer’s expectations. The CX Institutional Investment Management Approach includes a multiple strategy platform that operates on three main pillars aimed at objectivity, strategy diversification, and on-going education. By employing a non-emotional and quantitative process, the CX Institutional platform provides a global approach to asset selection and remains sensitive to the total cost of investing.

Advisory Services offered through CX Institutional, a registered investment advisor. 

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