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Are the Days of Great Service a Thing of the Past?

| May 15, 2018
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Imagine this.  You’re running late one morning, the kids all need handwritten notes for after school pick-up, and everyone decides they want to pack their lunch that very morning. If you happen to know me, you know that running late is not part of my repertoire but the scenario I’m describing here is something that tends to sporadically happen.  Back to the story.  We finally make it in the car only to see that my low tire pressure light illuminated my dashboard.  As a well taught daughter, I checked all four tires for any flats before deciding to move on (my father would be proud!).  After dropping the kids off to school, I went to the local gas station and happened to luckily have four quarters on me.  I put them in the machine to inflate the tires, which all seemed a little low due to the temperature change. Before I knew it the time ran out on the pump and I quickly ran inside for more change to start the machine again.  When walking back to my car, I noticed a nice gentleman was parked beside me and asked if I needed help.  He proceeded to put quarters in the machine for me and even walked around to inflate all four tires.  He said to me, “Don’t you wish we still had the days when you pulled up to a gas station and asked for the full service?  They would check your tires, oil level, and even wash your windows, all while they’re filling up your gas tank!”  I think my eyes went dreamy for a bit as I said, “Yes, what great service that would be!”

Once I got back on schedule for the day I started thinking about the services we offer at Hefty Wealth Partners.  It is our goal to offer proactive financial services to our clients.  Through our trademarked Legacy for Life® process, we want you to get off to a great start in planning for retirement or sending your kids to college or making sure you simply don’t run out of money.  I know most of our clients truly appreciate the annual review process we employ at Hefty Wealth Partners.  This is your annual check-up on the progress of your financial goals and discussion on all life events that have occurred to you throughout the year.  This is part of our great service to you!  If you’re not currently experiencing this with your financial advisor, give our office a call and let them you know you will take the “full service” option for your financial well-being. 

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