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1. giving credence: confiding
2. credible, belief as to the truth

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When you work with Credent Wealth Management, you are supported by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who will guide you on your path to financial freedom. Our team is committed to providing you with a service model that directly meets your financial needs while also ensuring the delivery of an exceptional client experience tailored specifically for you.

What to Expect

Backed by a Team of Experts

The firm’s exemplary professionals are passionate about the work they do and they carry over 150 years of combined financial experience. Along with leading professional designations and graduate degrees, our team of experts operates in a true ensemble structure, which means we work in concert to better serve our clients on an on-going basis.

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Our View of 2023

We believe in setting financial goals, developing a written plan, and working with a partner toward the achievement of those goals. 

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Interest Rates and Stocks

Interest Rates and Stocks

The accommodative stance of the Federal Reserve over the past decade has been one of historic proportions. Such monetary policy efforts aided the economy in the years following the Great Financial Crisis and managed to buoy stocks higher.

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Our View Of 2023

Our View Of 2023

Our ‘View of 2022’ indicated a strong potential of normal historical volatility across capital markets, and we remain convicted of a similar stance for 2023.

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Investments Are a Tool, Not a Plan

Investments Are a Tool, Not a Plan

The concepts of risk and uncertainty are often mistakenly intertwined across financial media and across the financial services industry. The difference between the two, however, cannot be more drastic. Uncertainty falls in the category of “anything is possible” and it quite literally encompasses all possible scenarios that could occur that are simultaneously very difficult, or unnecessary, to plan for.

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